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Hi friend, I’m glad you stopped by. In an online world where there is usually nothing good to say and all the news is negative, I want to offer some wisdom straight from my heart that will hopefully inspire you to a better and healthier life.

I am not going to mince words here, but I will shoot it straight and if you don’t like it, then don’t read it! What you read here will hopefully give you some wise red lips as well ~ Barbara Barnett

Wise sayings regarding Cold and Flu Seasons from Around the Web

preventing spread of diseaseYou’ve heard it more frequently this month than any other month of the year. You’ve probably experienced it all to close to home. Coughing, coughing and more COUGHING! This is the time of the year when you need to brush up on your coughing etiquette – so here are some wise sayings to live by during the cold and flu season.

Vaccinating: who should consider it?

If you’re wondering if you should get vaccinated for the flu, then you might want to read on. Getting vaccinated can not only protect you but the people you love. If you’re not in to getting vaccinated, at least find some flu remedies. If you haven’t got a plan for vaccinating or remedies, perhaps you already have all you need inside of your body to fight the flu and colds off and you won’t need to worry about any of it.

Have you ever met an older person who just seemed to be made of steel? Never sick, never down with a cold or anything viral? We’ve all met people like this and the reason they’re going to continue fighting these kinds of sicknesses is largely because their immune system has what is referred to as polyclonal antibodies or antiserum, which creates a powerful force in your body that combats the evils of viruses and other communicable diseases. Evidently there are a lot of people afraid of getting Ebola this year because of some recent news hype. Honestly it’s not worth fretting over because it’s just not going to take of like the wildfire they’re trying to get us to fear.

That being said, there are still reasons for precaution, especially if you’re older or have young children.

In the case that you would like to learn more about what is being done in the world of organic chemistry and biology to create immunities against these super bugs, there are universities all over the country (US) right now conducting all kinds of research around new pathogens. Interesting fun fact: they introduce the pathogen into animals, allow their bodies to recover from the sickness, then collect the immunity material in order to inoculate humans with. Of course these have to be mammals that have compatible DNA to humans but nevertheless they’re using them to help in the fight against viruses worldwide.

So if you’re on the fence about getting vaccinated, I always steer clear of the needle whenever possible, so just make sure you’re getting plenty of antioxidants through vitamin C (rose hips) or antioxidant alkaline water.


Wise Red Advice for the Christmas Season

stay out of debt over ChristmasYou’re probably getting excited about the upcoming Christmas season but it’s going to be quite a bummer come January if you had to go into a ton of debt for Christmas gifts. So, I’m going to let you in on a secret that has saved me a ton of dough over the years. It’s a service that I really didn’t have many expectations for but it worked; www.newdaycreditrepair.com - It isn’t very sexy to talk about it but it was one of the most WISE decisions I have ever made regarding my finances. After doing a campaign like credit repair, you will have a brand new perspective on going into debt for gifts. It’s hard to imagine where your credit score might be if you have ever gone in to collections or had a repo or a short sale / bankruptcy on your credit report… Not wise.

Black Friday should be called RED Friday

Not because it’s my favorite color but because it leaves consumers in debt. I live cool gadgets just like everyone else does but I think it’s wise to draw the line at going into debt to purchase a gift for anyone. This may create an unspoken resentment between you and the person you tried to please. I recently read a study that suggested that the larger the diamond on an engagement ring had a direct correlation to marital problems and higher rates of divorce. I think they nailed it with that study. Consider that a woman who is materialistic really wants a large rock on her finger, so she pressures her soon-to-be fiance into getting her one. Then he goes in to incredible debt to get it, which is then brought into the marriage. They start their life together in the red, which is definitely the wrong foot.

Second hand and ebay

I started buying gifts from ebay and garage sales / estate sales of all places. The cool thing for me was to be able to get unique gifts that are of high value for a low cost. I search for semi-precious metals like silver and occasional gold pieces of jewelry for all the ladies in my life. Not only do I get a great deal, they are getting something that usually has the vintage or antique feel – and it’s something totally unique, not a piece that someone else will wear to work the next day.

High perceived value and high value

You may be tempted to buy retail for new items, but the chances are you can find things that are always going to hold their value and may even increase in value over time. This is most likely going to be by purchasing something that is a nice silver piece or gold piece. I check the market price for what the metals are worth per gram, the I’m able to make buying decisions based on that information. I always know that the gifts like this will always have a cash value to the recipient. Now that’s wise advice and I dare you to try it!

Wise Red Lips Only Vape

Your local 7-11 doesn’t carry Vamo – the World’s Favorite

Ecigs are here to stay, that’s not in question. The majority of smokers who end up at a corner store like 7-11 will be rather discouraged to find that there are limited resources when it comes to getting their electronic cigs. That’s the entire point of this blog, to help you find the best resources for your vaping pleasure. If you’re standing at the counter like I know you have done in the past, it’s usually difficult to turn to an ecig when you’re craving a cigarette.

Instead of reaching for another tobacco cigarette, use your Wise Red Lips to go online and get a Vamo V5 Starter kit online.  This is one of the highest rated electronic cigarettes on the market, and it’s probably one of my personal favorites.

Water Vapor – not Smoke

Smoking over the years has caused many unnecessary deaths. These are obviously some major quit smoking campaigns out there, which have been quite effective in the fight against big tobacco companies. Aside from bringing many good people to the grave, not to mention the money spent on medical help after coming down with cancer or emphysema, smoking is becoming more and more inconvenient. But when you decide to try an ecig, you are actually inhaling water vapor instead of smoke. The water vapor is actually infused with nicotine and no tobacco.

Is Vaping Safe?

The big question that nobody knows the answer to just yet is “is it safe?” The reality of ecigs is that there just isn’t enough time-tested research done around it yet because it’s a new technology. In fact, it is predicted that vaping will overtake smoking in a decade. It has already become a billion dollar industry, with very little scientific research around the long-term effects of vaping. I want to be very upfront with everyone who reads these posts and let you know that even though this is definitely a safer alternative to smoking, it’s still not “safe.” The sadder truth is that teens who may never have tried smoking in the first place are now vaping. The choice is ultimately up to you, and my number one recommendation for everyone is to stay away from nicotine products altogether. HOWEVER, if you must continue smoking, give vaping a try. My own mother tried one over-the-counter ecig and didn’t like it so gave up on the idea. I think that’s the problem with the over the counter ecigs is that they don’t present a good enough array of options to smokers to get them off of tobacco.

Convenience at New Levels

When you find yourself in a restaurant and desiring a cigarette, you know that most states have outlawed smoking in public places. One if the great advantages to vaping these days is that they’re virtually accepted in every public gathering place. This is most likely the place you’ll find folks vaping. You probably have seen the Vamo V5 as mentioned above while at a local Starbucks. They’re usually pretty large, shiny and have a very thick cloud of vapor. And they usually smell pretty good as well.

Unfortunately, there is already some legislation in place in California that aims to subject ecigs to the same laws and restrictions as tobacco cigarettes. This seems like a dig at the industry as a whole because there is virtually zero “second hand vapor” when one exhales an ecig. The water vapor dissipates almost immediately and contains no tobacco and probably zero nicotine. The only thing you may notice is the sweet smell of the ejuice they use in the device. This is usually fruity or will have no smell at all. At the end of the day, the industry aims to grow by leaps and bounds and as they do this, they will gain political power. This power will afford them lobbyists so they too will be able to sway not only public opinion, but legislation.

The big question here is whether or not the industry leaders and other companies will be able to come together to do this together. The tobacco industry only has a few major players and they can actually affect legislation by themselves. But they are able to come together on many politics. But in the ecig market, it remains to be seen whether they will play well together. There are a ton of companies like Vamo, Innokin, Kanger – just to name a few. And none of them are probably financially well-off enough yet to get something going in Washington.

Nevertheless, I’ll keep serving up good info here for you to consider. Think about all the options and weigh them as to whether or not vaping is right for you! Thanks for reading ;)

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